Social Innovation

As a social innovation designer, Gabriel strives to take important social issues to an audience beyond those already interested and effected. His work seeks to engage the public in a way that is understandable, captivating, empowering, and leads to action.

Whether it is through music, video, word of mouth, or more traditional methods, Gabriel specializes in messaging and content to inspire empathy, empowerment, and action, not just sympathy and a facebook share.



Working with Ashoka’s Arab World office (Cairo, Egypt) Gabriel lead collaboration with the global Ashoka Changemakers office to facilitate outreach for the “Citizen Media” Changemakers competition in the Arab region.  This competition was the first ever open to entries in Arabic, and resulted in a winner from the region.


Reality TV for Social Change:

From 2012-14 Gabriel worked with Bamyan Media as a lead developer of “El Mashrou’a” (The Project), Egypt’s first ever educational reality TV show. The show followed 14 young Egyptian entrepreneurs as their skills and perseverance were challenged, all the while educating the audience through entertainment. Bamyan targeted the show towards the lower to lower middle class community in Egypt, one that is usually left out of the conversation when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Additionally, Gabriel was head of the show’s communications department overseeing all digital outreach and campaigns. The El Mashrou’a facebook campaign garnered over 700,000 facebook likes.

In order to reach a wider audience, Gabriel teamed up with Egyptian underground musician DJ Figo to make a song and complimentary music video about entrepreneurship.